Our office hours are 9 am to 4 pm Monday thru Friday. The staff can inform you when a particular doctor is in. When making a routine appointment, we will try our best to accommodate your wishes as to time and doctor. If you are feeling ill and need to be seen quickly, please be flexible with your choice of doctor. If you need to change or cancel an appointment or if you will be late, please call us. Although we try not to keep you waiting, unexpected delays do occur. Please be understanding. Also, if your visit is related to an auto accident or a Workers Compensation case, it is very important that you inform the staff.
Office Visits
At the time of your visit, it is a good idea to bring a list of your questions so that nothing is forgotten. Also, each time you visit, it would be very helpful if you would bring a list of your current medications and any supplements you take regularly. We realize you may see other physicians and changes happen frequently. Please remind the doctors if you have any allergies.
There are many insurance plans and it is impossible for us to know all of them. It is your responsibility to know your plan. Please notify us of any coverage changes before your appointment. It is important that you know the basics of your plan:

What are your deductibles?
What is your co-payment-primary care and specialist?
Do you need a referral?
Is the number of visits limited for a specialist?
Co-payments are due at time of service
We reserve the right to charge a service fee for the billing of a co-payment. If you are seeing us as a specialist and you don't have the necessary referral, your plan will not cover the charge and you will be billed. If we are your primary care physicians and you need a referral, please call the office. Depending on the circumstances, it could take a day or two. If you do not have insurance, payment by cash , check OR CREDIT CARD is always expected at the time of service. We understand that financial difficulties can occur; please let the doctor know and we will try to work with you.
Lab Work
Please call us before coming in for lab work. We would like to have your chart ready and we can advise you when the lab technician will be here. Certain tests cannot be done on Fridays. Please call the office two or three days after your visit to ask for your results.
Most often a prescription can only be refilled a few times by the pharmacy. MOST MEDICATIONS ARE PRESCRIBED ELECTRONICALLY. THE PHARMACY WILL INFORM US DIRECTLY IF A PRESCRIPTION HAS NO MORE REFILLS LEFT. IF YOU HAVE A CONCERN ABOUT A REFILL, PLEASE CALL THE PHARMACY SO THEY CAN CONTACT US. The medications we prescribe require monitoring SO REGULAR VISITS ARE A MUST. You may need an appointment before a refill can be issued. We cannot refill medications that another physician has prescribed You may need an appointment before a refill can be issued. We cannot refill medications that another physician has prescribed.
If you have an emergency and go to a hospital, please inform the ER that we are your physicians. We should be contacted to discuss your treatment and offer any history that may assist in the decision-making.
Preventive visits
If we are your primary care physicians, it is very important to schedule a complete physical exam, also called a Wellness visit or a Preventive visit once a year. This is a different type of visit than a routine visit to follow up on problems. When scheduling, please be sure to specify that you want a preventive visit.
Practice policies for our patients
For appointments please call (973) 778-8666
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